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Have you Tried Cooking with a Slow Cooker?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

It's a great time saver and it cooks some amazing, healthy and tasty meals. You just put all ingredients into the pot and after 4 - 8 hours (depends on the recipe) you come to a ready meal! You can put it on before you go to work or when you just don't have the time to spend 5 hours in the kitchen.

This is my favorite recipe for chicken curry coconut soup. It has a lot of fibre so it will fill you up.

INGREDIENTS: ✔️ 2 chicken breasts

✔️ 3-4 carrots

✔️ 1 celery stick

✔️ ½ big white onion

✔️ 3 cloves of garlic

✔️ a small handful of parsley

✔️ handful baby plum tomatoes

✔️ 1 cup of water

✔️ ½ chicken stock

✔️ pinch of garlic salt

✔️ 1 tablespoon of mild curry

✔️ 1 tablespoon of Cajun powder

✔️ 1 teaspoon of crushed chipotle chilly peppers (you can skip if not tolerated)

✔️ 1 can of red kidney beans (washed)

✔️ 1 small can of sweet corn or you can use chickpea (washed)

✔️ 1 can of coconut milk

PREPARATION: 1. Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces (about 2 cm) and place them in the slow cooker pot 2. Skin the carrot, cut it into small pieces and place it in the pot 3. Cut the garlic, onion, celery and parsley and add it to the pot 4. Cut the tomatoes in half and add them to the pot 5. Add the salt, curry powder, Cajun powder, chilly peppers and the stock 6. Add about 1 cup of water and stir with a wooden spoon 7. Close the cooker with its lid and cook for 3.5 hours on medium heat 8. After 3.5 hours add the can of washed beans, sweet corn or chickpea and coconut milk and stir well 9. Close the cooker again and cook for another 30 minutes

Time: preparation + 4 hours cooking time

🍽️ Portions: 4-5

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