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Chicken with Mushrooms, Shallots, Squash Noodles and Beans

Ingredients for 2 portions:

✔️ 2 chicken breasts

✔️ 3 shallots

✔️ 8 closed button closed mushrooms

✔️ 1 pack of squash noodles

✔️ 1 pack of beans

✔️ cheese to grate


1. Cut the chicken into small cubes and cook it in a pan on medium heat with a little bit of coconut oil and seasoning of your choice (I used garlic seasoning).

2. Cut the shallots and mushrooms into small pieces and add everything into the pan.

3. In the meantime steam the beans.

4. When the chicken is ready, add the squash noodles in and mix gently until the noodles are soft.

5. Serve on a plate with the beans and grate a little bit of cheese on top.


Chicken with mushrooms, shallots, squash noodles and beans

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