"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

      - Hippocrates

Hi, I am Hana!
I am a qualified and registered nutritional therapist based in London.
I help busy, tired and stressed people to find their health balance to feel more energised, calm and settled.
I wanted to combine a healthy living with a busy, active lifestyle, and this is what Natural Balance is about.
Can you maintain a busy lifestyle and being healthy at the same time? I believe the answer is yes.

Free for You 

Christiam M.

Hana is the best nutritional therapist, the way of explanation is very clear and simple to understand, I have followed her advises and I have changed some habits in the meals, which has been of a great help and I actually feel very well, she teaches me many interesting tips that we don’t know, she knows what she says, has a good level of knowledge and experience in the topic of nutrition.

Free for You 

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