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Complete Detoxification Guide

The guide of tested and scientifically validated health wisdom will take you through gentle, phased protocols to get you toxin free and will provide you with extra tips on how to have a toxic free life.


What you will find in the guide: 

  • Overview of invisible toxins that we are exposed to every day and how they damage our health 

  • Detoxification protocols for 8 weeks with specific crucial nutrients targeting important restoring processes and protecting your organs from free radicals  (with 9th optional week), starting with the essential reviving of your detoxification organs for safe and effective elimination of toxins

  • Simple yet delicious meal plans 

  • You will learn about factors that inhibit detoxification process

  • You will learn about our most potent antioxidant that predicts health and longevity, how it gets damaged and how you can increase its production in your body

  • Latest ''dirty dozen and clean 15'' (list of fruits and vegetables that contain the most pesticides and should be eaten organic and which ones are OK to eat regular)

  • 6 Bonus pages to help you to continue your healthy and toxic free journey ​

  • 10% discount on supplements 

  • Start at your own convenience

Number of slides: 83

Complete Detoxification Guide

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